Welcome to the official podcast of the Dog Friendly Kitchener-Waterloo instagram! Hosted by 519 pup-parents Justine Sparling & Mackenzie Drinkwater, this podcast lives at the intersection of K9 and KW, diving into all aspects of dog culture in our community. Solicited and unsolicited appearances by @manitobamarshall and @littledears. Woof Woof! <3

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The Dirt on Dog Food: How kibble and canned food STACK UP

In this episode from the Dog Friendly KW podcast, Justine and Mackenzie tackle the tough and tasty world of dog food. In this clip they dig in to kibble and canned foo...

KW Celebrity Pup of the Week: An well-decorated doggo darling it's... Clementine (Englishs_Little_Sunshine)!

This week's celebrity pup of the week is a dog that has won all kinds of awards and can add 'KW celebrity' to her already extensive trophy cabinet. Its... Clementine!

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