Welcome to the Dog Friendly KW Podcast, hosted by co-founders, Justine Sparling and Mackenzie Drinkwater! Founded in 2020, Dog Friendly Collective (better known as Dog Friendly KW) is a non-profit corporation in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive dog-friendly community.

The Dog Friendly KW Podcast, produced by Block_Sheep Audio and in partnership with Midtown Radio, offers education, inspiration, and unique perspectives to dog owners through an exploration of challenging and lighthearted topics alike. Subscribe to get updates on new episodes, follow us on social media @dogfriendlykw or visit our website dogfriendlykw.com to learn more about us!

Latest Episodes

Full Episode: Volunteering & working with Dog Friendly KW w/ Rachel Radyck

In the first episode of season 8, Mackenzie and Justine are joined by DFKW's culture and policy lead Rachel Radyck who talks about why DFKW is such a great place to vo...

Rachel Radyk on why volunteering for DFKW is WOOFwhile!

In the first episode of season 8, Justine and Mackenzie are joined by DFKW's Rachel Radyck to discuss why the organisation is a fun and fulfilling place to volunteer.  

Full Episode: Justine, Victor, and Kersty on a SUCCESSFUL SNIFFSCAPE!

In this episode of the Dog Friendly KW Podcast, Justine is joined by Victor and Kersty to talk all about the magic that was Sniffscape. They discuss their favourite me...

Celebrity Pup of the Week!

Justine, Kersty, and Victor reveal this week's Celebrity Pup of the Week. 

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