Welcome to the official podcast of the Dog Friendly Kitchener-Waterloo instagram! Hosted by 519 pup-parents Justine Sparling & Mackenzie Drinkwater, this podcast lives at the intersection of K9 and KW, diving into all aspects of dog culture in our community. Solicited and unsolicited appearances by @manitobamarshall and @littledears. Woof Woof! <3

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What is BEHAVIOURAL EUTHANASIA and, more importantly, what is it NOT?

In this DFKW clip, Justine and Mackenzie seek to define behavioural euthanasia to establish when it might be necessary for a dog.

Full Episode: Unpacking the STIGMA and HEARTBREAK of Behavioural Euthanasia

Justine and Kenz tackle a very heavy topic on this podcast episode: what to do if you're forced to end your dog's life? They discuss some of the scenarios where this m...

Mackenzie Drinkwater: Why a DOG'S LOVE is worth all the trouble

In this clip of the DFKW Podcast, host Mackenzie Drinkwater argues passionately that despite the headaches, sacrifices, bad behaviours, and money spent the love we rec...

Truth Bombs: All about the ZOOMIES; Does Training EVER END? Dogs EAT THEIR OWN POOP?!

In this clip of the DFKW Podcast Justine and Kenz dive into the first three important things that people should know before getting their dogs.

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